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  Awesome News sisters!
Posted by Heidi @ Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:0 pm
Alright, so. I've been on bowling league for several years now. My average at the end of my first year was 113, and now, at the end of my fourth year in, it's at 142. I have made many improvements. team has made improvements. Last year, the season of 2007-08, our team was nearly dead last.

This year, our team was second place for the first half of the season. (I think so, anyway.) For the second half of the season, our team took FIRST! We offiicially took first tonight, after defeating the team who was 1 point behind us.

First let me explain how this system works. Every night of bowling league, there are three games.

Each game is worth 2 points. If you win all three games, you get 7 points. Why? because there is also an overall score, which is 1 point. Usually if you win 2 of the 3 games, you win the overall point. But not always.

Let me clarify. In a single game, your team gets points based on how many pins you knock down combined. Basically, your individual scores added up, with a handicap that is awarded to you based on your average. My average is 142, and I have a handicap of 52. If I get a score of 200, then with my handicap, my score is 252. Then you add that to your teammate's scores.

So, in a single game, if your team has an overall score of 800, and your opponents have 810, then they'll win. They get 2 ranking points for their win.

If your team takes the next game with 820, and your opponents only take 750, then your team wins 2 ranking points.

810 - 800 = 10....
820 - 750 = 70....
70 - 10 = 60.

That means your team is ahead of the other team by 60 points. If that other team wins the third game, but doesn't beat your team by 60 points...then you take the overall and win a point. Now, that would mean your team took 3 points toward your rank...and your opponents took 4. They won two regular games, you took one, and the overall.

Our team ranked up 59 points this half of the season. Our opponents in tonights games had 58. Meaning we could have easily lost if they took 2 games. We had to take at *least* two.

We won the first one by a fair amount. I don't recall the precise score. They took the second game 773 to 768. We took the third game 793 to 723, and thus took the overall. We won 5 points tonight, they won 2 points.


Next week - our FINAL week for this season. We roll off with the winning team from the first half.

Who will win?!

Well, whoever wins...gets a fair amount of monies. Let's pray our team wins. I'm so happy that our team got what it did. Your sister did well this year!

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  ForumArena - GONE!
Posted by Heidi @ Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:0 pm
Forumwise Administration:
There was a severe error on the ForumArena server on March 19. There was a catastrophic error on the disk of the server which corrupted the database. The backups appear to be corrupted as well. I've been picking thru the remnants of what was left, but am unable to find anything usable. This is a heartbreaking loss, but it doesn't look like the ForumArena hosted forums will be coming back. There really isn't any excuse for this, we are very sorry.

So, this means we've lost absolutely everything. This is okay. We lost role play but can start over. This will give us a chance to spruce it up a little, or change some things within the role play we once created. I know that the role play was really great,'ll be great once again. I'll do my best to bring it back up to speed a.s.a.p.

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